I feel like everybody’s smart, but we don’t value every type of intelligence the same way. So, for kids that are really good with their hands, or, if you’re an amazing tennis player, for example, but you’re in a community, and you’re raised in a home, where nobody ever hands you a racket, do you ever have a chance to explore that genius? Your whole life, you’re gonna be like ‘Oh, you’re stupid, you’re not good at anything’, but in actuality, what you’re good at is just not being nurtured.

I think everybody is just like, an artist in waiting. I think we’re all just kind of waiting, patiently, in our bodies, when you hear that first poem, you see that first outfit, you hear that first note, that just sends you along the path that you were always meant to be.

Joshua Bennett (Sartorial Sounds)
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